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Canadian Women Not Good Enough
2002-07-19 19:52:13

Canadia Rocks
I believe the most current term is "suspect."
-- Mr. Bad


Up in the Great White North that is British Columbia, Canadia, one lonely man decided that the local women just weren't to his liking, so he dressed up his dogs in women's underwear and fucked them instead. What's really got Canadian authorities irked though, is the fact that the dogs ended up dead in the process.

According to a story on Ananova, "Both dogs were found dead and wearing bra and panties. One was found in a garage, hanging from the rafters, the other in a ditch near the man's home."

DNA evidence was used to convict the man, which means that there's a Canadian cop who has the job of extracting semen from dead dog buttholes. How's that for a great career? His mother must be very proud.

Since the dogs were discovered, the animal lover has moved from British Columbia to Winnipeg, because he was in fear for his safety from the public. Apparently he has reason to believe that the people of Winnipeg will be much more understanding and tolerant of his actions. A quick search on Google for "Winnipeg zoophile" leads me to believe he may be correct.

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