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At Long Last! A GREAT Jake Busey Fan Site!
1999-09-15 14:24:05

The Busey Clan
BLACK mustard seeds. little jar. oof.
-- rotten elf


DamNATION! This has got to be the GREATEST DAY IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY! There's finally a REALLY REALLY GOOD Jake Busey fan site on the World Wide Web!

Pigdog Journal has long decried the abysmal state of Jake Busey fan sites. Jake Busey is a fine actor, a dashing figure, and (if I say so myself) a big white-browed Nordic hunk of a man But up until today, the ravening hordes of teen fandom have not really built the kind of sweet and disturbing electronic temples of Worship for him that you can find on Geocities and Tripod about such luminaries as Leonardo Dicaprio or Ricky Martin.

Well, those days are OVER! Because NOW there is a fan site for Jake Busey to rival the best of any of them! Check out this incredible email we got in the Pigdog mail bag from Maria Berggren, gracious hostess of "Jake Busey RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":

well, i got a page about Jake Busey, some pictures and stuff i wrong, but it is about him. why dont you check out my site? home.swipnet.se/jakebusey please mail me addresses to other Jake Busey sites... He rules!!! Enjoy my site // Mia

So I went to check it out, and it's GREAT. You'd think that with that great title she got, she could just cruise along with a little bit of text like our man Trav did. But NO!!! Mia has picked up a bunch of Jake Busey pictures, and wrote some biography stuff, and put up some MOVIES and SOUNDS and, like, all the best things that make a fan site really super good.

I think that this is a great day for Jake Busey fans, a great day for the sovereign nation of Sweden, and a great day for the Internet! Hurray for Mia! Hurray for Jake Busey!

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