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Anthropologists Discover Third Jake Busey Site

by Tjames Madison

1999-06-15 13:22:37

Pigdog scientists, working around the clock in shifts, have discovered a new Jake Busey fan site, believed to be just the third such site devoted to the actor.

The site, simply titled "Jake," contains more information than the other two previously discovered sites combined, said Pigdog Team Busey member Moses Futz. "Jake" contains tidbits about Busey's prodigous violin playing skills (as displayed in the movie "Starship Troopers," where Busey cavorted on a neon electric fiddle,) and also features biographical information and lots of smiley faces and little graphics of hearts. "It will probably take us months to sift through all of this bulldata," said Futz.

The anonymous author, who goes by the pseudonym of "mrsbusey," has written a very long paragraph detailing Jake Busey's rise to superstardom, and has also thoughtfully included a Jake filmography.

There is also a picture of Jake wearing sunglasses.

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