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Dr. Megavolt
1999-11-23 15:19:25

Burning Man Nonsense
Religion is worse than TV.
-- Johnnie Royale


Hey, so, if you were at Burning Man 1999, you probably couldn't help but see Dr. Megavolt. Or, like, if you watch Sizzler commercials, you've probably seen him, too. Ha ha.

Dr. Megavolt is this guy who has a big ol' Tesla coil on top of a truck. He wears a, like, Faraday cage or something, and KERZAPS himself with big ELECTRICITY and Tesla orgone all over the place. It's a pretty cool show, kinda.

I've got mixed feelings about the fellow, though. He had a good gig, but he kept bringing his loud contraption into the middle of other shows and kind of causing me a pain in the ass. Also, he did this weird Sizzler commercial after BM99. Like, he's searing MEAT with his Tesla coil, which is kind of creepy.

So, what are you gonna do? Dr. Megavolt, meat-searing electricity junky. Go see him now.

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