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Bad Men in Orange Jumpsuits
1999-07-06 21:15:01

Bad People
I should just stay drunk all the time.
-- Johnnie Royale


So, we saw these eTOY guys at a freako SRL show last year. Yeah, the one under the freeway. And I am here to say that they are MAJOR NUTCASES!

They all had BALD HEADS and orange jumpsuits that said "ETOY" on the back. Despite their general mental patient outfits, they were loved by women everywhere! "EEE TTEEEE OOOOHHH WHYYYY" cheered the beautiful women who were waiting for the giant SRL robots. Perhaps someday beautiful women will shout like that for Pigdog Journal -- could be we need to act EVEN MORE like big criminally insane freakos.

Anyways, right after that I checked out their website. It is COMPLETELY NON- LINEAR and EURO-TRASHY. I couldn't believe it! It's the Web site Dieter from Schprockets would make!

So it freaked me out that they are now the darlings of Wall Street! Everyone is talking about their fantastic IPO, where all those creeps in orange made kajillions of dollars! For their stupid Eurotrash website! What kind of justice is there in that!?!

Anyways, since is, like, the darling of Wall Street now, you should probably go check them out. Or maybe you already have. Me, I wouldn't pay for this stock, but it could be just cause I'm jealous. I dunno.

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