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Hacker Chic
2000-02-23 12:20:10

Bad People
The sun is my enemy. It must be extinguished.
-- Flesh


Man, it's all about the CRAZY HACKER CLOTHES! Wear lots of them, and then hack things real hard! Hack hack hack!

I gots to say, I dig this Jinx Hack Wear. I think I might be turning into a HACKER GROUPIE or something, because I'm crazy for hackers nowadays! I read Hacker News Network and Packet Storm and all that shit! Go, speed hacker, go!

I think what I dig about HACKER hackers is that they're not WHINEY, like Jargon File-style hackers are. Jesus, man, all you have to do is read some of the POOR POOR ME stories by Jon Katz of to get PHYSICALLY ILL with bad, dumb, wimpy JF-hackers. Everybody picks on geeks, and they are all sad.

Snap out of it, you fuckers! Go break things! Set off bombs! Keep the Man busy! Write EVIL SOFTWARE, not WHINEY POETRY!

Oh, so, anyways, Jinx Hackwear. It's got great stuff to wear when you are breaking into the COMPUTER CORE from a SUBWAY STATION and Penn Jillette is trying to stop you! You can be all cool in a "GOT ROOT?" T-shirt or a "CARPE NOCTUM" jockstrap or something. OK, I'm not sure if they have jockstraps or not, but it'd be cool if they did!

Go try on some HACKER CHIC! It's the next big thing! Really!

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