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R.U. Sirius May Not Be Getting It, But Joe Gardiner Certainly Is
2000-02-01 20:17:15

Bad People
In your culture, popularity may be achieved by bizarre beings and in strange ways.
-- Spock


People often ask "What type of material do you read when you aren't online?" It would be really easy to mention anything found in the literature section of the local bookstore or by obscure authors like Kenneth Patchen. But why bother? It's boring, and you'll get that same answer from hundreds of other people. Rather than that, wouldn't you rather read about something you won't find Barnes and Noble?

Before we turned the control of Ice Station One over to Pigdog's Liquor Pig, he hipped us to a fantastic magazine out of England called Bizarre. Each issue is filled with sex, drugs, rock & roll, corpses, mutilations, destruction, bad craziness, and more. Everything that you would expect to find on Pigdog, but in a handy, portable, magazine format!

Be for-warned: be aware of where you choose to read this periodical while in public, if in public at all. Reading material like this in places such as the food court at the mall may get you arrested, or worse.

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