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Outrage!! Vicious Squirrel Attack on MY CITY!!!

by Ms.BunnyPenny

1999-07-04 20:22:56

Damn those Squirrels! This is a direct attack against humankind, as well as my city, Swingin' El Cerrito, in the beautiful Bay Area.

In a kamikaze style attack, a fluffy tailed assassin hurled itself into a transformer bank of an El Cerrito power station. This treacherous act set off a power outage that lasted for almost two hours, and left 38,000 people without power in Swingin' El Cerrito, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, and parts of Oakland.

Okay, so this time it was just a squirrel, a cute little fuzzy squirrel.

But, Next Time... And there will be a Next Time... What if it's a SQRAT?!

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