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Dirty Deer takes Bubble Bath
2000-06-08 09:41:40

Animal Rampage
Goddamn all you people to hell. Thom Stark, you stole my Dog Name.
-- Ratsnatcher


Yesterday we heard about crazed beavers, and today we hear about DIRTY DEER. Summer is here and animal attacks are on the rise. In Howard, Pennsylvania a deer broke into a couple's home and helped himself to a luxurious bubble bath, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

During the attack, in which no human beings were hurt, the deer managed to damage the couple's front door, their storm door, make some marks on the tub, and leave a few hoof prints in the linoleum.

The deer broke through the front door Saturday morning, ran through the house, past the couple's bedroom, and into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, the manic with hooves managed turn on the water in the tub and add an entire bottle of bubble bath to the water. He then jumped in the bubble bath and splashed around.

He must have felt very, very dirty.

Game Commission officials had to tranquilize the deer and haul his ass back to the forest, where he belonged.

No charged were filed.

(Thanks to Lt. Wilkes for the link.)

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