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Look Out! Giant Cockroaches!
2001-11-22 00:05:28

Life Before Unix
Did you know I did a google search the other day for 'alcoholic programmers' and nothing came back??? Who are they trying to kid?
-- Mr. Bad


Just what you wanted to know: roaches have been on this planet since way before the dinosaurs.

Think about this next time you try to get rid of the critters in your apartment. Roaches have survived the impact of a comet that wiped out the dinosaurs, as well as several ice ages.

This is Darwinian principle at its finest. We humans teeter on the brink of self-extiction just because we're so smart and big and all that stuff that we pride ourselves on. But where is the real elegance in the design of lifeforms? Not in the opposable thumb, but in exponential breeding.

Gotta admire the cockroach. Maybe we can learn to be more like them.

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