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Who built the Sphinx anyway?
2000-06-24 02:00:37

Life Before Unix
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Egyptological "conventional wisdom" says that the Sphinx was built by the same folks that brought you the pyramids. Not everyone agrees.

A couple of geologists claim that the pattern of erosion and weathering on the Sphinx shows that it is much older than we may have thought, and in fact masy have at one time been under water. That would have to be a long time ago.

Here's the really odd thing: I have had a long-running public argument with fellow Pigdogger El Snatcher about the Face on Mars at Cydonia, often to the annoyance of those around us. When the higher-resolution photos of the Cydonia area came back from Mars, Richard Hoagland went off telling everyone that there had been some kind of cover up yadda yadda. 'Snatcher and I went at it about whether or not it was possible to discern a face in the new photos. I finally conceded that maybe there was a sort of face in the photos, but that it didn't have a nose.

So I just realized: The Sphinx doesn't have a nose either. When I was a little boy, I was told that Napolean's troops had shot the nose off of the Sphinx in a fit of drunken mischief. Apparantly this was an urban legend. Seems nobody has a recorded history of the disappearance of the nose on the Sphinx.

So if the Sphinx is older than we once thought, then it was built by a civilization older than the recorded Egyptian Dynasties. Could it have come from Mars? Do men from Mars not have noses?

Interestingly enough, water was supposed to have been found on Mars pretty recently. Maybe all that time underwater wasn't in Atlantis or wherever, but someplace significantly farther away...

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