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Behind every pathetic worthless loser of a man is a woman who figured his sorry ass out and stabbed him in the back.
-- The Compulsive Splicer


Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae

Cynara, a dowager duchess-in-exile, considers herself quite undressed unless decked with large diamonds and small lap-dogs. She bears with grave beauty the scars of her scandal-haunted past.


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How to Mark a Nuclear Waste Disposal Site For the Next 10,000 Years
'Images of dangerous emanations and wounding of the body.'


Flags of the World, Judged and Found Wanting
It may come as a surprise, but "there is no international body responsible for upholding simple standards of vexillilic aesthetics."


Keep Parents Off The Internet!
We must keep pornography out of the hands of our parents! (A snorfle-worthy Shockwave.)


Meme Scanner
Test your meme infection!

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