The PolySpock Project BBS

PolySpock is the direct and spiritual successor to Rathead Systems. PSP was started on a crazy whim one day by RatSnatcher and his roommate from Ohio, Special Ed (aka Gar) while they were trying to figure out what to do about RatHead's sagging attendance figures. (The once mighty RatHead had fallen on miserable times - her links to NirvanaNet and FidoNet severed, her status as a Telegard Beta Site a thing of the past; many users, Tjames Madison among them, regularly threatened to "come over and toss RatHead out the window and run downstairs and stomp and stomp and stomp on it and then dig a big grave and throw it in there but first set it on fire and then stomp on it some more -- just do it, Snatcher! Do it!")

Running off a nicer machine with a faster modem, PSP rapidly became a gathering place for graphics/raytracing freaks, political conspiracists and Pigdog editors to meet and plan their next forays into the public light. It was PSP that gained the RatHead Axis' first direct link to the Internet... and it was PSP that forever immortalized Spy Car music, Alien Head Logic, and Singing Spocks. PSP had a music all its own, an Ella Fitzgerald swing to RatHead's marching fugue, and if we begrudge a few blemishes too many here and there, it's only because that friggin' BBS inspired some of the finest (and last - for now) Pigdog work ever created.

Call PSP at 510-524-3649. It would be a good idea to keep a Chinese Hopping Ghost Puppet nearby for moral support.

Some People (not neccesarily all of them)


Snatcher went to Oregon for school. Then he came back. Now he went away again, this time to Santa Cruz. He can be reached at . In between, he worked as some weird computer person for Copymat, made a lot of money for his family by teaching Internet classes on how to use Gopher, and spit beer all over this woman at a bar called Spec's in San Francisco.

Special Edward

Special Ed is the Chief Scientist at Spock Mountain's Alucard Labs. He's very stylish - but don't call him "pretty". He hates that. Ed also worked at Copymat for awhile. Now he does prepress for a company in the East Bay, slaving over big graphics computers all day. He lives in Oakland with his keeper, Heather, who doesn't allow him to come out and play much anymore. He just got a keen new PPP account. Send him mail at and tell him you think he's "pretty."

Doctor Murdock

Doctor Murdock is very special - he's wanted in 17 counties on various felony charges: "technicalities," he calls them, and he vows to fight this injustice with help from his Virtual Lawyer, Tjames Madison. Currently, he's serving time at Cornell University in Ithica, NY, where he follows around his girlfriend Maacah all day and yells at people through the Internet Phone. His email address is, but only because he thought of it first.

Tjames Madison

Tjames is the Editor-in-Chief of Pigdog, associate editor of Blaster Magazine (which pays actual money, or once did, and still might), and also used to work at a copy store, for 2 1/2 torturous years. Based in San Francisco, he spends much of the day laboring over his prodigous work on alt.religion.kibology and Mail him good information or cleverly disguised compliments at

There are Other People

Some of those people are listed on the first page of these Pigdog pages. The other people (PolySpock people, dammit) are listed below and the ones that aren't haven't sent me goddam URLs. So fuck them!

Ha ha. But seriously...

Polyspock Honor Roll

  • Shoehorn (Jeff Gerstmann) has pages here. He is obsessed with fast food ad campaigns and he's not wearing any pants.
  • Friendly Red Squirell doesn't have a web page, or Internet access, for that matter, but he's listed here because he's sad and lonely.

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