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Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

I like that. So, let's start off with the CD shop. Is it like is it like Planet Hollywood? Or do you really work there?

Whoa. Do you really work in the CD shop. [I really fucked that up]

No, it's a real shop. If you look at my website , there's a picture.

That picture is the actual size of the shop

Yeah, I think I saw it. But, you're ALL FAMOUS and stuff. Aren't you ready to quit your day job?

My studio is in the basement of the shop. I only sell cd's for 2 days a week

Wow. Cool.

Thanks, sir

It's kind of funny, but a lot of the publicity stuff points out that you used CDs from the shop for Hitmeister.

They make it sound like a cheap trick to get people to come in and buy 5-guilder used CDs or something.

That's true though.

Were you, like, "I can't get anyone to buy these stupid French 70s rock CDs... might as well sample them?"

Or more like, "Damn, we need a real good tinkle-tinkle-THUMP here. Go get a CD from upstairs for that!"

Yeah, especially, "romantic Pyjamaparty" cd's

So, do people come into the shop just to see you?

Something like teht

SAometimes, especially tourist....as I said TYPED SLOWLY

Sans probleme, my friend. We can handle.


So, you're all famous and shit. Like, WAY more famous than you were this time last year, eh? Is that REALLY REALLY WEIRD?

People all over the world know who you are!

Hi, this is Zach, I'm don't mean to interrupt too much, but my question is, how did you pick you name (Solex)?

Well....they think they know me

Zach, YOU BASTARD! You ALWAYS DO THIS! Let her fininish the question!!!!!

You'd think you'd have LEARNED after Richard Stallman bitched you out.


It's a French scooter and it's also the name of my cat...No problemo Zach

It's a unique style of journalism we have


Heh heh. Just joking.

It's cool. We're all buddies here.

Who's Richard Stallman?

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