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It's not an adult feature unless, at the end, someone's gooey. Arcing ropes of jism hitting chins-- that is an adult feature.
-- Bill Hicks


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

Splicer is real nice, and Snatcher is real drunk.

I'm the photographer.

Splicer takes the pictures.

I don't think she's in the chat machine.

She joined it, but the chat window is behind her AOL window.

Solex, just type in the bottom part down here and then hit Enter.

What is this???

Wow, I had to say something crazy to get her attention!!!

I'm going to get another Guinness

Does this work??

She may be in multi-window mode

Solex, you're kicking ass.

We're in like flynn.

loud and clear

Hi Soles, I must say: Beaujolais.

I meant Solex, not Soles

OK, so, is this going to be OK?

Are you comfortable?

And, what are your time constraints?

Hi guys, sorry it took a while

I am comfortable--about 78 degrees.

We've been dorking around for half an hour now, so let us know if we only have 3 minutes left for an interview or something.

No sweat.

Plenty of time, this shop sucks....

Hey, so, I have to ask you: you use "robert" on your ICQ name. What's up with that? Are you trying to avoid getting hit on by random people?

He's my drummer, and my "copmputer wizz" Yeah right..

Cool. So, we're gonna start sending lots of crazy questions at you. Ready to go?

I was born Ready

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