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Rich powerful people, famous people, spies, political people, ALL have "clones". (Royals do not, except for Hirohito, but his was really obvious.)
-- rotten elf


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

Is Solex supposed to join us here?

Hey, so the story is that you had to go up to the mountains to get more orders from Jed Sanders.

Like Moses going to talk to God.

Yeah, she's supposed to be here RIGHT NOW.

Ginger Beer is powerful stuff.

Is she ajusting for timezones?

But considering that I blew her off completely last Tuesday, I'm not going to bitch her out.

Ginger Beer is a stimulant. Just another weak drug.

Me either.

Why did you do that, you bastard.

No way, man... it's SPICY... you could choke on it or something.

Hey did you go to Place Pig tonight?

No, missed it.

Hey, I want to have big BETEL NUT.

Yes, I went it was pretty lame, actually.

Just me and MAJ and Nick Moffitt and Rick Moen.

It was PACKED, too.

Nobody likes Place Pigalle, I think. So, I don't want to go there anymore.

snatcher, do you have questions?

I'd rather go to the albatross.

I like place pigalle, but I'd rather go to zeitgiest

I will come up with good questions on the fly. No I did not prepare properly.

Yeah, but it's still kinda cold for Zeitgeist.

Has Solex ever been to Zeitgiest?

Zach, do you want some URLs to get up to date? Or do you want to have the "fresh perspective"?

If you have URLs, shoot me.

I mean, shoot them at me.

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