My new favorite radio station for tonight is Energy 103.4 in Berlin.
-- Ratsnatcher


Interview with Solex -- Reported 1999-03-22 21:21 by Mr. Bad

How do you feel about digital synth? I'm an analog synth fan, myself but the argument rages on...

Nothing wrong with it....I go for the cheap stuff

Yeah, I wish I even knew what that meant.

Solex, this is Zach again--what other groups do you think are really excellent right now?

You know... I like the stuff nobody wants, thereforee it's real cheap.

I find it really refreshing to see the technology used for making the music higher than the tech used for recording.

Belle and Sebastian, Cornelius, Chet Baker, Beta band Arab Strab new BLUR

OK, like that. No, I don't make music, so I have fuckall idea what the difference between synth uh whatevers.


I don't generally follow techno. I'm so out of touch that I don't even know if what you do is supposed to be called techno. But I love your dissonant harmonies on Peppy Solex.

Techno is too often Eurotrash

What do you call Solex music?

Happy music for happy people

OK, but that's kind of long.


And I'd say it's a big stretch to call some of the tracks "happy."

Not if you look in ythe mirror and smile...

But, OK, "hmph" it is.

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