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I love pornography. One of my biggest fears in life is that I'm gonna die and my parents are going to clean out my apartment and find that porno wing I've been adding onto for years.
-- Bill Hicks


Weird Linux
Crazy people doing crazy things with Linux.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-05-27 What's Your Debian Package Name?
2000-08-07 Wearable Linux
2000-05-16 NetReality 3D Web Browsing
2000-05-11 40,000 Linux boxes on one machine
2000-01-28 World-Famous Linux Nest to Close (Sadly)
2000-01-17 To All My Friends!
1999-11-08 Tom's Rootboot is Cool
1999-08-16 Unholy Abomination Uses Sexual Stratagems To Compete With Humans
1999-08-16 Trinux - Bad Hacker Linux! BAD!
1999-06-16 *BSD: Weirder than Linux?
1999-06-14 Crazy-Ass German Linux Distribution... with GUITAR
1999-05-30 More Sick Clustering Bastards
1999-05-15 Beowulf Underground Subverts Decent Way of Life
1999-03-31 Linux RIOT!!!!
1999-03-10 Linux, You Can Drive My Car
1999-03-01 LinuxWorld Turns to Experienced Pigdog Journalist to Ensure TOTAL COVERAGE
1998-12-09 Pigdog Journal SCOOPS the Big Boys
1998-12-03 Linux + Beer = Bad Craziness
1998-11-19 German Linux Users Plan dada Beowulf Insane-a-thon
1998-11-03 KMFMS Is Crazy

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2011-04-07 Commodore64 redux - now with Linux
-- Baron Earl
2011-03-01 Grandma knows Linux
-- Baron Earl
2004-06-20 Home RAID issue revisited
-- Baron Earl
2002-08-15 The greatest thing since tinfoil hats
-- Baron Earl
2000-12-15 Linux Game Console Announced
-- Baron Earl
2000-10-04 Hit Piece: The Failure of Linux
-- El Snatcher
2000-05-09 Penguin Mints -- The Breath Mints of CHAMPIONS
Penguin Mints -- The Breath Mints of CHAMPIONS!!!! -- Mr. Bad
1999-05-20 AlphaLinux
If you're using Linux on your bitchen Alpha machine, or you think maybe you want to, check out -- Mr. Bad



C L A S S I C   P I G D O G

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