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What's Your Debian Package Name?
2002-5-26 19:30:11

Hey, so, we all know and love that beautiful and successful Linux distribution, Debian GNU/Linux, right? The new Debian 3.0 (woody) is coming out Real Soon Now, and it's going to feature over NINE THOUSAND software packages. That's a lot of software!

And I know a lot of people out there are like me. We look at all those packages, line after line in dselect, and we think, "Geez, I wonder what my name would be, if I were a Free Software package and someone made me part of Debian?" Well, WONDER NO MORE! Because we have the ANSWER!

Here's how it works: you enter your name (birth name, IRC nick, pet name, doesn't matter) in the form below. Then, hit the SUPER FANCY DEBIANIZING BUTTON, and you will find out! What your name would be! If you were a Debian package! Beaujolais!

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