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The TV business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.
-- HST

Mr. Bad's List

Every week you get a new list from Mr. Bad. Not necessarily interesting or insightful or shit, but still, hey, a list.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2002
Beaujolais! Last-minute Halloween costume ideas from Mr. Bad! A last-minute column for the last-minute shopper! -- Mr. Bad


Cool Things To Put on Your J20 Protest Sign
Hey, going to a protest tomorrow but don't know what to put on your sign? Mr. Bad FEELS YOUR PAIN, so he's given you this list of FINE ANGRY THINGS to scribble in magic marker on your picket sign. So now you don't have an excuse to stay home! -- Mr. Bad


Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument
Mr. Bad and Crackmonkey collaborate on a fine Mr. Bad's List. We put together ALL the TECHNOLOGY you ever need to know in order to STUMP your OPPONENT in a technical argument. Use these only when your back is against the wall -- they're definitely desperation tactics. -- Mr. Bad, Crackmonkey


Ins and Outs for the Year 2001
Whew! I bet you were worried Mr. Bad wasn't going to give you guidance for WHAT'S HOT and WHAT'S SNOT in the year 2001, weren't you! Hahaha! Oh ye of little faith! Mr. Bad will never, ever let you down. Trust in Mr. Bad to give you lists of futurist predictions and shit! Because that is what Mr. Bad does. He makes lists. That is his job. -- Mr. Bad


Stuff I Love About the Holiday Season
Man, it's that time of year again. MAN, it's THAT time of year again. Is it ever. Gar! -- Mr. Bad


Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas: MILLENNIUM EDITION
Check it out! More crazy Halloween costume ideas for you crazy freaks! Bwahaha! Yippee! Eat THESE keywords, search engine robot spider FUCKS! -- Mr. Bad


Why The Future Sucks Ass
The future sucks ass. Mr. Bad explains why. -- Mr. Bad


What The Hell is This?
This week, Mr. Bad is taking some time off as he undergoes a radical new operation: having a second liver installed. Mr. Bad's List will feature guest writers Flesh & Abby… -- Flesh


Make Your Own Electronic Music Genre
Tired of trying to detangle the mish-mash of electronic music factions out in the world today? Mr. Bad says: GIVE UP, and join the madness instead. Pull some brand-new genres out of your ass with Mr. Bad's Patented Electronic Music Genre Generator! -- Mr. Bad


Exciting Star Track Rumors!
Ever since the digitally-remastered Millenium PLATINUM KERDITIONS of the Star Track movies came out in 1997, the World Wide Web has been awash with RUMORS and FASCINATING STORIES about the "prequel" series. I don't care much, but I wish to capitalize on the fury by releasing some fabulous tidbits of my own! -- Mr. Bad


Go Bowling on Superbowl Sunday
Mr. Bad gives you a TON of things to do on Superbowl Sunday! Screw the TV, let's go BOWLING. -- Mr. Bad


Ins and Outs of 2000
Beaujolais! Noted futurist Mr. Bad has plugged the time-space coordinates into his InAndOut-o-Tron 2000 to come up with a new set of INS AND OUTS for this New Year! Look on, ye mighty, and despair! -- Mr. Bad


Cyberbilly Thanksgiving Traditions
Gluttony, family infighting, and monumental sloth -- these are all traditional Thanksgiving values that the cyberbillies of Spock Mountain Research Labs hold dear to our hearts. We hope you, too, will share these heartwarming cyberbilly Thanksgiving traditions. Think of it as Martha Stewart gone horribly, horribly wrong. -- Mr. Bad


Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
Creatively-challenged? Pressed for time in the busy holiday season? Too whacked out on NO2 to think of a costume for Saturday's party? Don't despair! Just pick one of the ROYALTY-FREE costume ideas off of this week's Mr. Bad's List! -- Mr. Bad


MORE Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
I can't think of anything interesting to write about, but I can always think of HOT CHICKS! Mmmmmm... chicks! Gotta love em! -- Mr. Bad


How to Tell You're Not a Webzine
Nobody agrees on a what a Webzine is, but Mr. Bad gives you the scoop on what a Webzine is not. Clip'n'save this handy chart! -- Mr. Bad


World's Funniest Mandrill Jokes
Mr. Bad does it again! The long-awaited list of the world's funniest mandrill jokes! Collect them all! -- Mr. Bad


Bar-B-Q Recipes
Hey, folks! With the start of summer, Bar-B-Q season is upon us, and I bet you're looking for recipes for the backyard gourmand. Well, look no further! Here are Mr. Bad's favorites! -- Mr. Bad


My Packing List
This week's list: "My Packing List for PigEasy 99, The Pigdog Journal Convention in New Orleans, LA." -- Mr. Bad


The Ogre Juggernaut Comments on Mr. Bad's Latest [sic] List
This week's list: guest columnist Tjames Madison provides expert analysis on a recent Mr. Bad's List, "Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With." -- Tjames Madison


Please, No More
Please! I can't TAKE IT anymore! Make these bad things go away! -- Mr. Bad


Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
Hey, read the title. -- Mr. Bad


Ins and Outs for 1999
Hey, every publication has to have them! This week's list is the traditional "Ins and Outs," eh. Actually, now that I think of it, I could use a little of the old in-n-out right up about now... -- Mr. Bad


Cool Shit
"Cool Shit!" What do you THINK it means? -- Mr. Bad


Bad People
These are all Bad People! All of them! BAD BAD BAD! -- Mr. Bad

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