Oh crappity-crap. I spend all that time filling in all the questions, and now I guess they sent my report off to the fake email address I entered on the first page.
-- P A U L


Mr. Bad's List

Every week you get a new list from Mr. Bad. Not necessarily interesting or insightful or shit, but still, hey, a list.

Pigdog Journal Articles

2002-10-31 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2002
2001-01-19 Cool Things To Put on Your J20 Protest Sign
2001-01-05 Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument
2000-12-31 Ins and Outs for the Year 2001
2000-12-22 Stuff I Love About the Holiday Season
2000-10-19 Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas: MILLENNIUM EDITION
2000-05-24 Why The Future Sucks Ass
2000-05-02 What The Hell is This?
2000-04-08 Make Your Own Electronic Music Genre
2000-02-07 Exciting Star Track Rumors!
2000-01-30 Go Bowling on Superbowl Sunday
2000-01-09 Ins and Outs of 2000
1999-11-24 Cyberbilly Thanksgiving Traditions
1999-10-27 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
1999-10-20 MORE Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
1999-07-24 How to Tell You're Not a Webzine
1999-07-14 World's Funniest Mandrill Jokes
1999-06-17 Bar-B-Q Recipes
1999-05-05 My Packing List
1999-03-23 The Ogre Juggernaut Comments on Mr. Bad's Latest [sic] List
1999-03-01 Please, No More
1999-01-13 Totally Hot Chicks I Want to Get All Freaky With
1999-01-02 Ins and Outs for 1999
1998-12-24 Cool Shit
1998-12-09 Bad People




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