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You're just mad because you're up in Washington and have to import wine from a good state, like California. We eat like kings here.
-- Ratsnatcher

Dining At The Deathwave Grill

This smells funny. Try it and tell me if it's gone bad.

Recipes for the Pigdoggety homemaker

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Pork Cake recipe discovered at the Internet Archive
Nothing says CAKE like glistening slabs of greasy salt pork. -- Baron Earl


Hufu for the Holidays
It's Thanksgiving time again, and if you've got vegan relatives coming to visit, you need to serve them something. If you want to make sure they never visit again, forget the Tofurky, and serve them up a steaming plate of HufurkyTM! -- Baron Earl


A Bright Future for Narcissistic Cannibals
Researchers in the Netherlands are working on making vat-grown meat cheap and plentiful. Their dream is to put a meat-maker in every home, allowing people to grow their own meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Currently their research is focused on growing pork, but what about the possibility of growing and eating the other white meat, your own flesh? -- Baron Earl


What Wine Goes with Dick?
Back in December 2002 we reported on how the German cannibal Armin Meiwes found a willing victim on the Internet whom he slaughtered and ate -- with the victim's help. The trial just ended, the verdict is in, and the jurors have ruled that Meiwes is not guilty... of murder. -- Baron Earl


Penis Flambé
The personal ad on the Internet read "Seeking young, well-built 18- to 30-year-old for slaughter." It didn't say that you had to flambé your own penis and eat it too... -- Baron Earl


A Taste of Long Beach
If you say "Long Beach" to people in California, you'll probably get a response similar to if you were to say "Hey what's with all the dogshit on your face?" But most people don't know that this rough-and-tumble working-class town has given the world one of the all-time greatest foods known: The Long Beach Chili Cheese Fries. -- Flesh


A Killer Meal (Literally)
It is well known. You cannot drink your way through life (though, believe me, we here in SMRL's Beverage Research Center have tried many times). You must eat sooner or later. And what you eat will play a great factor in your ability to KEEP MOVING. -- Flesh

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