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Devo + Disney
2006-07-04 15:59:38

Viva La Musica
If Zach dropped a bottle of $69 dollar liquor, I think I would kill him.
-- Johnnie Royale


Devo re-recorded 10 of their tracks with cute Disney kids singing vocals. Are they destroying Disney from within - or is it the ultimate corporate sell-out?

Devo threw this red meat to hipsters back in March. Now the Gerry Casale-directed videos are online, the checks have been cashed, and online reviewers have spoken. Let's survey the carnage...

"I don't see this as 'subverting the man'. I see this as 'Wow I can make a pile of money off of Disney by licensing my songs to a group of Disney kids'...this is the stuff of paychecks, not rebellion."
    -- 80s Devo fan Lego-Man

"It's really sad.... I guess baby needed new shoes, college money, and living expenses."
    -- Bad Pixie

"It's Devo's greatest joke since the E-Z Listening Cassette of the 1980's."
    -- An Amazon reviewer

"Devo sometimes performed as their own opening act, pretending to be a Christian soft-rock group called "Dove (the Band of Love)".
    -- Wikipedia entry

"They're actually satirizing the music industry from the inside-out!"
    -- Devo fan Jesse

"The way that we weren't is what we'll become, so please pay attention while I show you some of what's about to happen."
    -- Devo 2.0, singing the 1984 song Peek-a-Boo

"It's weird hearing a 13-year-old Disney girl sing "Peek-a-Boo, I know what you do, 'cause I do it too..."
    -- El Destino

"The band only pretends to use whips in 'Whip It'."
    -- The Christian Science Monitor

"Seriously, this is an abomination against God."
    -- Amazon reviewer

"A part of me dies every time I hear the lyrics changed. Seeing 'Uncontrollable Urge' changed into a rebel cry of the tweeny bopper who needs snacks is blasphemy."
    -- Amazon reviewer

"Fogged in, after lunch, I get a snack attack, I need to munch!"
    -- Devo 2.0's new lyrics for Uncontrollable Urge

"Does anyone seriously think Gerald Casale doesn't know exactly what he's doing?"
    -- Amazon reviewer

"I'm a girl with a mission, I'm a girl having fun."
    --Devo 2.0, changing the lyrics to "Big Mess" from "I'm a man with a mission, a man with a gun"

"The sooner my daughter can be through being cool and snap the trap of going with the flow, the better."
    -- Blogger X-Ray Spex (citing Devo 2.0's new lyrics for "Through Being Cool")

"Eliminate the time you waste in cliques."
    -- Devo 2.0's other new lyrics for "Through Being Cool"

"With close to a thousand disks to choose from, it seems like you can watch and watch and watch and watch."
    -- Devo's 1984 ad promoting laser discs

"I'm honored to be the new Mark Mothersbaugh!"
    -- 13-year-old lead singer Nicole

"We are Devo - sort of."
    -- The Christian Science Monitor

"A band of yeti child...has been assembled and re-recorded Devo songs... which features the band playing old songs and two new ones with vocals provided by yeti children."
    -- Vandalized Wikipedia entry

"Choose a scooter that best expresses your individuality. There are many sizes and colors. And always wear your helmet."
    -- Devo's 1984 Honda commercial

"I said 'Hey, what's up? You're not a chump. Come on and show some guts.'"
    -- The Winner, new Devo track written specifically for this album.

"Be like your ancestors or be different, it doesn't matter.
Lay a million eggs or give birth to one, so shall your species survive.
Wear gaudy colors or avoid display, it's all the same.
The fittest shall survive yet the unfit shall live."
    -- The Devo manifesto

"It's a beautiful world for you. For you. For you. And me too!"
-- Devo 2.0, changing the lyrics to "Beautiful World" for the album's final song.

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