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Secret Society Goes Crazy in The Wine Country
2000-07-24 03:01:18

when you are insane your mechanism for being able to tell when you are insane is impaired.
-- Sylvia


Leaders of government, big business and even leading scientists go to The Wine Country to do freaky occult shenanigans that make the rituals of the average masonic lodge seem like a puppet show. Check out the recent video evidence!

Now a days, the notion that conspiracies exist is scoffed at and met by hostility by just about everyone. Aside from a few lone cranks-types, the vast majority of people have somehow come to believe that there are NO CONSPIRACIES WHATSOEVER.

And that is starting to piss me off!

Considering that a conspiracy is simply two or more people getting together in secret and deciding on a strategy (a policy) or course of action -- usually to some evil ends -- it just makes SENSE that people are doing BIG CONSPIRACIES all the time.

Maybe it's conditioning. It could be like Gore Vidal says:

Americans have been trained by media to go into Pavlovian giggles at the mention of "conspiracy" because for an American to believe in a conspiracy he must also believe in flying saucers, or craziest of all, that more than one person was involved in the JFK murder.

Or maybe we have all been confronted with SO MANY damn conspiracies that there is a collective conspiracy overload. Peoples' conspiracy circuits may be BURNED OUT. There are even books and Web sites cataloging the 70 "Greatest Conspiracies of All Time" (recently upgraded from 60).

But every once in awhile some real crazy-ass conspiracy stuff bubbles to the surface -- stuff SO BLATANT and TERRIBLE that I just don't understand why the scales don't fly from peoples' eyes!

It's like that movie They Live starring "Rowdy Roddy" Piper. When Roddy put on a pair of special alien sun glasses, he was able to see things as they really were -- many of the key people in power were actually BAD SPACE ALIENS keeping humanity in perpetual servitude via subliminal mind-control techniques. At first he didn't believe HIS OWN EYES, but eventually the conclusion became inescapable...

What I'm about to point out is just such a case!

Conspiracy journalist Alex Jones of Infowars recently went undercover to "Bohemian Grove" to get video evidence of the FREAKY shit that goes on there every year.

What is Bohemian Grove? It's a fiercely guarded, 2,700 acre "retreat" in Sonoma county for members of the all-male, all-elite Bohemian Club, which is a 120-year-old SECRET SOCIETY based right here in San Francisco.

The members list includes big cheeses, such as Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Joseph Coors, former President George Bush, Presidential candidate George W. Bush, Walter Cronkite, former President Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff, Merv Griffin, Jake Busey, and HUNDREDS of other big business guys, scientists, and heavy-hitter politicians.

That's not the crazy part. The crazy part is that these guys all dress up like DRUIDS and participate in a Canaanite-cult human sacrifice ceremonies out there in the redwoods!!!!

YES, these leaders of government and big business and even leading scientists go to the Wine Country to do freaky occult shenanigans that make the rituals of the average masonic lodge seem like a puppet show. It's like Burning Man for the likes of George Shultz; but with no humor at all...

I mean, like, GEORGE W. BUSH and WALTER CRONKITE! Can you picture them? Standing around a giant stone statue of an OWL GOD named "Moloch" chanting for human blood?

Apparently, the "priests" don't use real people for these rituals (any more), but nonetheless, it is pretty disturbing thing to contemplate. I don't care whether you beleive in conspiracies or not! This is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and Alex Jones has the video evidence documenting it.

Take a look at the video and pictures of these rituals (follow the link at the bottom of this page). Can there be ANY DOUBT in your mind after looking at this material that the heads of state, CEOs, et al., who participate in this stuff are SHITHOUSE CRAZY????!

Completely ignoring the conspiracy aspects of this story for a second, without even entertaining the IDEA that there might be some conspiracy action, don't you find it just a LITTLE ODD that Casper Weinberger and Colin Powell attend cabalist rituals, such as the "Burning of Dull Care"?

But make no mistake, there IS big conspiracy action. How do you like the fact these tycoons and big cheeses all get together IN SECRET to decide public policy and make decisions that affect the WHOLE WORLD, without your consent or your input? The club boasts that the Manhattan Project was dreamed up during discussions held out in Bohemian Grove!!

Does it take THAT big of a leap of faith to believe that people THIS WACKED are also crazed globalist conspirators?

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