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Drugs on AOL!
1999-01-08 12:00:00

Substance Recreation
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Drugs! AOL? E-commerce just got more interesting, says El Destino.....

Ax-grinding AOL parody by El Destino about buying drugs on AOL

I really hated AOL's mandatory pop-up ads hawking credit cards or a switch of long-distance carrier.

But then I read this headline in Reuters Business Securities.

America Online to let members buy drugs

Woo-hoo! Now I can't *wait* to see the pop-up ads the next time I log on....

HELLO, BOB17523. Would you like to purchase some QUAALUDES(TM)?

These pharmaceutical-quality depressants come in attractive chewable tablets, inducing a physical lethargy bordering on a mild stupor. It's sloppy drunk in a pill! Catch the wave!

Would you like to purchase some QUAALUDES(TM?)

Yes, thanks! No, thank you.

E-commerce at its finest!

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