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Quick Napster Fix - Sharesniff

by Pao Tzu

2001-03-03 01:33:13

Another Windows program to autohack your neighbor's My Music directory with.

With all of this U.S. legal court talk about Napster going offline and mp3 sharing being split into a number of other emerging technologies, it is time for the average duh-duh computer user to take matters into his or her own hands. While it is heroic to hear visions of complicated algorithmic distribution networks like freenet, one is simply not going to find every mp3 they want to mix down in their favorite sound editing software (i.e. sox) by next week unless they have a bunch of other idiots to help them. You network users comprise this pool of idiots. By not password protecting any of your network shares in Windows, you have unwittingly left the door open for any dumbass to come along and leech you dry like a no-validation warez BBS. Who cares if your Napster connection is set up with "I am behind a firewall?" Any lopster user can still nap away. Lopster has the ability to detect all you napster users who set your connection speed as 56k but are really using DSL.

Another thing to note is that google already gives away all the good mp3s. Just look at the wealth of old cached mp3 pages that for bandwidth piracy reasons were removed from their http server. A typical example looks like /_vti_pvt/~/~/~/~/3/3/~ Albums by: Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Checerz, Club Masterz, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Nirvana, 7 Pink Floyd albums.

Just limit the search to ftp download and viola, bingo, it's all me! Limit your search to a recent date and you will find that the content is very high-fi indeed. 256Kbps style hi-fi. Most of the cached pages contain enough information to get you straight to an ftp server to download full mp3 albums. FTP servers usually have pretty tight download speeds to boot. Meta search engine will find most any mp3 right on their corresponding ftp server using go2net, google, etc. Don't be too surprised to find demos, just be able to ID them.

So go and download all those mp3s so I can gank them tonight off of your windows share. Try to download whole albums so I can burn out more 10 cent CDs. It would help if you could type out what mp3s you plan to get in a .doc file so I can decide if I want to come back to your box later.

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