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Pigdog Journal Blacklisted by CCKR!

by El Snatcher

1999-02-17 05:41:00

Inexplicably, Pigdog Journal has recently been BLACKLISTED by "The Unofficial Kim Rollins Fan Club" and "The Committee to Canonize Kim Rollins" (CCKR)!!

The CCKR blacklist page ( puts Pigdog Journal in the category of "Journals and Other Places that Refuse to Acknowledge the Greatness of Kim Rollins," and calumniates that we are jealous of Ms. Rollins because we make fun of her instead of suffering along with her.

This is an OUTRAGEOUS misrepresentation of our coverage of the Kim Rollins/Wil Shipley break-up. The editorial staff of Pigdog Journal has always had nothing but the greatest respect for Ms. Rollins' talent and writing. We started our investigation when we became alarmed by the abrupt disappearance of Ms. Rollins following her final, mysterious journal entry, as well as the subsequent tampering of her web site by her former fianceé, Mr. Shipley.

Initially, our only information source about Ms. Rollins' whereabouts and the machinations of her disappearance came from Mr. Shipley's changeling journal, which we have dutifully covered with an independent, objective voice. We tried to look beyond the massive hype surrounding the story, as well as Mr. Shipley's one-sided account.

The discontinuation of Ms. Rollins' personal journal is great loss to journal enthusiasts everywhere, as well as the entire Internet community; hence the title of our investigation: "Net Loss." We can only hope that Ms. Rollins finds the will to return to the keyboard, and in the meantime wish her luck in her subsequent personal relationships.

--Ratsnatcher++ Excalibur III (Editor at Large)

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