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I am Leonard Nimoy
-- Spock


by Mr. Bad

2000-01-20 20:41:15

Beaujolais! Pirate radio is going ON THE AIR! Low power radio stations, bringing ANARCHY and GOOD MUSIC to the bad people of the world! All under the glowing and benificent eye of the FC fucking C! Is this a great century or WHAT?

In a news release today, the FCC announced that they're going to have a new class of license for non-commercial microradio stations to broadcast all over the place. They can send out crazy waves of nuttiness into your car radio! Beaujolais!

This has been a shitty situation in the past, with big black spots like the arrest of the guy who runs Free Radio Berkeley, as well as other schmoes who had microstations. It sucks to get arrested! Just for having a radio station! Screw that!

So now, with the new license class, even IDIOTS like me can get some CHEAP-ASS equipment and BLATHER at my surrounding neighbors. From my house I can probably cover 90% of San Francisco with a 10-watt station. Cool!

Everybody should have a radio station! Have great hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Have light rock, less talk! I want to have a MORNING ZOO with fart noises and wacky pranks! Go get you a license! Let's put on a show!

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