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-- Oscar Wilde

Scoop Scoopy-Doop

by Negative Nancy

1999-05-05 06:18:21

With all the crazy speculating and deep musing that the Colorado massacre has every would-be essayist and journalist doing, it's not surprising that a few people would eventually make the same observation. Once all the obvious and some of the insane accusations have been made, some people are going to start looking at the bigger picture. So I wasn't too taken aback to find a Salon article echoing one of last week's Pigdog Journal stories.

That, of course, isn't going to stop us from hyping the fact that We said it first!! Ha Ha Sucker!! Little ol' Pigdog Journal scooped big, important, look-who's-going-public Salon!! Now the word is out! Now people know where to turn for fast-breaking, in-depth analysis, and general rantings about today's news stories!!!

Then, there's Oliver Green, our Southeast Asia correspondent. He's been scooping the AP wire every day on this Cambodian shit. Crazy, but true, look:

Pigdog in Cambodia (1999-04-30 21:31) by Oliver Green

Five days later, AP wire finally catches on:

Khmer Rouge Torturer Disappears (1999-05-04 17:02).

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