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Welcome to a fucking WORLD of WONDER

by Mr. Bad

1999-05-04 23:24:53

After months of agony and anticipiation, we've FINALLY come to the point where we have something we WANT TO SHARE with you, our beloved public. What is it? The NEW and EVER-IMPROVING PIGDOG JOURNAL. WEE-HAW! SPOCK GOT GAME! You can even eat the DISHES.

Longtime readers will note that we've changed our look and our format. The look thing was, well, kind of inevitable. Tjames says that our old color format was reminiscent of Hotdog Stand. I tend to agree.

But we've also changed the way things are organized and STREAMLINED like a MOTHERFUCKER the way you get from point A to point B. And behind the schenes, we've made it easier for the INTERNATIONAL PIGDOG CONSPIRACY to donate BRAIN CAPITAL to the cause. All of this leads to a finer dining experience as you crack your teeth on the great taste of Pigdog Journal.

So come with me, and you'll see into a world of PURE IMAGINATION. Look around and try the NEW CRAP. And let us know what you think.

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