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Weird Richard will BURY Microsoft
1999-04-22 13:38:00

Net Flotsam
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Internet Personality "Weird Richard," the self proclaimed "Lego King" threw his hat into the "beat Microsoft" ring today.

Weird Richard Will Bury Microsoft!

"I use Legos to teach! I do it the best! My engineering students are among the finest in the world!" Richard claimed in a press release.

"I suspect the technical people inside Microsoft aren't proud of what they are doing," Richard said. "They may be proud of being part of the most successful software corporation ever, but I don't think they are proud of their work with Legos."

"It is nothing personal against Microsoft, it is just that their work with Legos is shoddy and haphazard at best." the Lego King explained Wednesday.

Richard went so far to say that many computer users switch from Windows to Legos out of moral outrage. Unlike Windows, Legos can be used in a variety of constructive ways to teach engineering, architecture, and physics. "Best of all, our Lego engineering curriculum can easily be modified to fit a particular classroom's needs...the way an operating system should be" Richard said.

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