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Send Mail to the Future

by El Snatcher

1999-08-05 23:57:24

Attention all Bad People of the Future, I've recently discovered a cool new service on the Web that let's you send email INTO THE FUTURE. It's from the crazy Dave Winer guy over at Userland Software.

So, yeah, you give it a date in the future -- like the year 2138 -- and a message, and it will sit there waiting... and then it will send the email off to a person of your choosing. IN THE FUTURE!!! Imagine that! You could send email to your extropian "bush robot" self in the year 4960 when you'll probably be orbiting a distant star, sucking down energy. And you would say to yourself, "Wow, I sent that to myself back before the second millenium!"

Another thing to know about "Mail to the Future" is that it's highly ADVANCED and FUTURISTIC. Check out the "Tech Info" link, which explains how it works. It's all setup to be used via this crazy thing called XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call), which allows developers to make their own custom interfaces to it on their very own web sites and whatnot.

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