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Cool Things To Put on Your J20 Protest Sign

by Mr. Bad

2001-01-19 16:55:54

Hey, going to a protest tomorrow but don't know what to put on your sign? Mr. Bad FEELS YOUR PAIN, so he's given you this list of FINE ANGRY THINGS to scribble in magic marker on your picket sign. So now you don't have an excuse to stay home!

  • _EX_ Cocaine User? Nobody Likes a Quitter, George.
  • Show Us Your Bush!
  • Ha Ha Ha! You Liberals Are All Fucked Now! (P.S. President Bush I Need a Job)
  • No No No! SERIOUSLY, Who's the Next President?
  • I Drive Drunk Better Than W Governs Sober
  • It Took Me A While To Find My Protest Clothes
    They've Been Packed Away For Eight Years
  • I Need A Miracle
  • Maybe He Can Hold Down THIS Job
  • It Could Be Worse... I Voted For Howard Phillips
  • Burn All GIFs
  • I Blame Leo Chiraglione
  • I Prefer Bush Well-Trimmed
  • Buds
  • Where Are Those 'Independence Day' Aliens When You Really Need Them?
  • Impeach Bush and Her Husband
  • Stop Casting Porosity
  • I'm Drunk And I Vote
  • Don't Give Me a Tax Cut! I'll Just Spend It On Porn
  • Illiterate Cokehead Mama's Boys For Bush:
    Finally, Our Voice Will Be Heard
  • Go NINERS!
  • Gore's Daughters Are Much Hotter
  • Homeless Vet Will Work For Food
    Happy Holidays And God Bless
  • Free Mumia (So He Can Kick John Ashcroft's Ass)!
  • 'WAR On Drugs'?! I Thought You Said 'WHORE On Drugs'! In THAT Case, NO THANKS
  • "Daddy, Buy Me The World's Most Powerful Office": How Did We Get VERUCA SALT For President?
  • No More Knees!

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