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Court Hearing for Dmitry - Aug 23rd - POSTPONED!!
2001-08-18 23:30:18

Knowing what a bunch of capitalistic swine you guys are, I'd bet you'd rent that guy the inflatable sheep by the hour.
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Dmitry might be out on bail, but certainly isn't free as he remains the first (and hopefully only) person criminally charged under the DMCA. He still needs our support and we need to show the Judge and the Government that we are watching.

Dmitry has a hearing on the 23rd of this month and while the EFF and Defense counsel aren't planning any formal protests, they have requested that people attend the hearing.

As I understand it, this is a pretrial hearing, where the Government will formally disclose exactly what crime they are charging Dmitry with. Given the absurdity of the DMCA and the charges in the warrant, I'm not sure if I'll be laughing or crying when the Government tries legalistically tap dance their way around the unconstitutionally of this entire charade.

Hearing Details

The hearing will be in Magistrate Judge Seeborg's courtroom, which is on the 5th floor (room 4) in the United States District Court House in San Jose. The Court House is located at 280 South First Street. (directions and parking info). The hearing starts at 9:30am on August 23rd, 2001. Please be prompt, dress nice and behave yourself.

Also, since I have your attention, how is a good time to nag you all to write your letters to your Congress people and to the DOJ expressing not only your outrage that Dmitry is still under federal indictment, but that the DMCA is still on the books. The EFF has a great page that explains exactly what you should do. So go there now and write, write, write.

UPDATE The PDJ has just learned that this court date has been postponed. No other details are currently available


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