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Customs Seizes Birdseed With 0.0014 Percent Hemp

by Negative Nancy

1999-10-05 15:01:15

I love how the headline for this article is "Customs Snares Hemp-Laced Birdseed." It makes it sound like Customs had busted some big bad guy trying to pull one over on them. If you actually read the story you find out they're just harassing poor Canadian farmer. Normally I'm all for harassing Canadians, but this is just silly.

The guy makes hemp oil, nuts, horse bedding and animal feed that contain 0.0014 percent industrial hemp, not that you could possibly get high off it even if it was 99 percent. Now his company is going bankrupt-- along with a little granola bar company that was gonna use his seeds and lots of horses wont have any place to sleep. Boy does Customs have it's head up it's ass. Man, the rest of the world must be laughing at us SO hard.

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