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Know Your Oppressor

by Daemon Agent

1999-01-05 23:48:00

So, just in case you thought you were safe from the Spooks, here's another threat to your sanity and liberty: The FDIC is proposing new rules that would _make_ banks snoop into your daily life!

The new policy is called "Know Your Customer", but it should be called "Crawl Up The Ass Of Your Customer", because that's what banks are expected to do. The idea is that the Feds want to know about Bad People misusing bank accounts _ahead_ of time, so they require banks to do identity checks and report "suspicious" activities to the Bank Police.

Gar! Those Suspicious Activities are none of their business! Even Phyllis Schaefley hates this one! So, check this bad story out and write long, raving, 10-page single-spaced letters to your congressperson and local newspaper. Be a good citizen: oppose the government.

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