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Damn! Them's Some Damn Fine Icons, Jed.

by Tjames Madison

1999-08-17 12:56:57

Say your name is Jed Sanders. You've got a webpage, but you ain't got nuthin' t' put on it. You tryed to drawer sum, but th' pencil kep snappin' on yer monitor. Whut you gonna do?

No worries. Here's a page full of HILLBILLY GRAPHICS.

From the loveable "Critter playin' th' fiddle," to everybody's favorite, "I got mah shotgun an' houn' dog," to "Varmint playin' th' fiddle," here's everything you need to be a REAL LIVE CYBERBILLY!

There's even a graphic of a hillbilly typing on a Hewlett-Packard computer. It's all here, Buck.

If you look around this site a little bit, you'll find all kinds of wacky 'billy stuff, like pictures of 57 Chevys, and weird little useless links that tell you the weather and whatnot. A cyberbilly must have made this site. It's impossible to think otherwise.

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