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This is a very efficient way to tell your liver "fuck you! I don't fucking like you!" To tell the truth, I'm afraid to stand up. I'm mildly buzzed, but judging by the level of whiskey in the jar when I stand up I am going to be sitting right back down again.
-- H.R. Taffs

Big Stills! Weehaw!

by Mr. Bad

2000-01-12 17:57:26

I have never been a big proponent of e-commerce in any way, shape or form. OK, well, actually, I like buying gray-market drugs on the Internet. And cyberporn. But besides, that, e-commerce blows. At least, that's what I thought until I saw COOLIO BOOZE STILLS!

If you've ever tried you know that it's actually really, really a big pain in the keester to put together your own distilling equipment. Not that I've tried, because that would be wrong, but I've HEARD that it's hard. So I was surprised when I found this here It has a great kit with all the doodads you need to MAKE YER OWN HOOCH in the comfort of your home. How cool is that?

The really crazy part is that you could use their still-thingy to make GASOHOL or even ROCKET FUEL. OK, I don't know about that rocket fuel part, but isn't that a good idea?! Everything comes with crazy instructions and they even have a big ass book about making yer own shine. The coolest part about the site is the Y2K section, just in case you're afraid civilization is going to collapse 12 days ago. If civilization collapsed, wouldn't you have a mighty hankerin' for some WHITE LIGHTNING? I know I would.

Big caveat here: it's highly illegal to make your own booze at home. Neither Mr. Bad nor Pigdog Journal advocate this activity. BUT, according to, "it is definitely NOT illegal to KNOW how to do it!" So go do some research, check out, and tell em Pigdog sent you. Actually, don't tell them that. You don't know us. But, uh, dibs on some of your first batch.

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