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Diabolical anti-American diatribe

by Pao Tzu

2002-05-28 10:56:57

Armed with drooling end-user software, Canadistas are dirtying the internet with anti-American / pro-Canadian web filth.

Using Adobe's GoLive! software package, "Canadian World Domination" libels everything that is good and right in the world (America and Americans) and promotes things both ugly and disgusting (Canadia and Canadians). The sick bastards responsible not only use pompous and confusing vocabulary such as "sublimation" and "inevitable" within the first paragraphs of their homepage, but go as far as to intermix French and English words in the accompanying javascript menubar.

WARNING: After navigating through the half-assed static web pages with the Opera browser, I discovered a link section to so-called "culture" as well as pro-Canadista and anti-Canadia websites. One began with a picture of a squirrel, was followed up with a cartoon picture of a squirrel with a hat on, followed by several titles using the term "skwerl" (I presume this is the 19th century British spelling that is still used in Canadia) which subsequently crashed my browser with an excess of poorly coded javascripts. This is a Canadan trick to make hard working Americans lose their email when trying to inform their friends of an upsurgance in Canadian patriotism by crashing their web browsers (since a Canadian would likely be doing little more than binge drinking and diddling themself while they surf.)

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