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Beaujolais named French wine of the year

by Baron Earl

2011-03-01 21:17:50

Normally enjoyed for it's quick buzz and skull-crack hangover, Beaujolais is not known as a wine savored so much as swilled. That may be changing because Georges Duboeuf Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy 2009 Beaujolais was named French wine of the year by some wine snob. Whether that means that this Beaujolais is a fine wine or that every other French offering tastes like donkey ball sweat is a matter of opinion.

Of course it's also possible that the reporter has a friend trying to unload a dumptruck of this stuff on the unsuspecting Chinese wine market and they want to push the price up.

So track down some Georges Duboeuf Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy 2009 Beaujolais, pop the cork, and pour it down your throat. Right now it's around $8 a bottle, but with all this hoo-hah the price and availability is subject to change.

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