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South African Cabbies Clash; 10 Die, 24 Hurt

by Negative Nancy

1999-11-05 11:35:30

Man, and I thought the deadliest thing about cabbies was their driving! These S. African minivan taxi operators are trying to take out the competition with used handguns, shotguns and heavy caliber weapons. Haven't they ever heard of PRICE wars? You're supposed to undermine them with better deals and polite service, not blow their heads off!

And we American thought we were the cutting edge of heartless Capitalism, we don't know nothin'. Geez, I hate to see how something like Wallmart or CostCo operates over there. Forget just putting Mom and Pop outta business when you can blow them up with rocket launchers and build your chain store on their mutilated bodies! Laissez-faire economies sure keep things excitin'!

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