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I've got a bottle of Swathmore Vinyards Merlot from South Africa sitting here that I could open right now. But I'm saving it, see. That's how much control I have.
-- Ratsnatcher

A glimmer of Light Shines in The Cold World

by Flesh

1999-09-22 21:15:46

Try to imagine this: six million people around the globe. All dancing to the same music, all getting along, all happy, and all for a good cause. Impossible you say? Read on.

For the past two years, Earthdance has quietly shown the world that people from every walk of life could come together, exist in mutual respect, and be happy. And they've done it all to aid in the freedom of the people of Tibet. This year, about six million people will unite. They will be interconnected via a siutanious link with each city and event participating.

What could be better?

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