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Ay-leens Infiltrate Livermore Labs!!!

by JRoyale

1999-06-12 11:31:25

Un-fucking-believable. Not only has the U.S. Gov't allowed those sneaky Chinese to make off with all of our national secrets - but now they are installing an Ay-leen starship in the heart of one of our most high tech and sooper-secret weapons labs.

Look at this thing... see the evil spaceship; see the puny humans in front of it. This thing is a monster and it is full of evil. Laser targeting chamber my ass. That is an Ay-leen spaceship and it is being hookup up to a huge massive jillion watt energy source right here in the Bay Area... Right under our noses. The gall they have.

And what really chaps my hide is that the U.S. Gov't is spending at least 1.2 Billion (that's right BILLION... $1,200,000,000.00 dollars) to help these Ay-leens with their wretched plans. We don't know what their plans are, but we're pretty sure that they aren't gonna be good for Joe and Jane Doe of the good Old U.S. of A. Rest assured dear readers that every resource the Pigdog Journal has will be focused on this story. Whether it is enough to prevent the human race from being "Assimilated" by those damn clever Ay-leens is doubtful... so we need your help. If you find any information about these Ay-leen and their nefarious plans write to us.

If you want to read the lame-ass cover story for this debacle you can...

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