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Expensify files for their IPO

by Baron Earl

2021-05-10 03:24:37

Expensify filed for their IPO the other day. As required by law they released a statement describing their S-1 filing with the SEC. The announcement was rather dry and formal and legal, as such announcements are, so to give it some zing they had a three-eyed spokesperson read it while eating fish food and gold coins on a 97 second Twitter video.

It may have been too droll for today's jaded Internet. The tweet containing the video has racked up just a handful of likes and retweets since it's release on May 3rd.

This may be the only time you'll ever witness the announcement of an SEC S-1 filing with a symphonic soundtrack, a large man rocking suggestively on a department store rocket ride, talking paintings, a three-eyed spokesperson, and a goldfish.

It might just be the best 97 seconds of your day today. One thing is certain: once you've seen it, you'll never get those 97 seconds back.

Tip 'o the hat to Master Squid for sending me the link.

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