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Van Morrison would have arranged this song much tighter!
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Sad But True

by The Compulsive Splicer

1999-08-16 17:44:37

Here's the story of a guy who jumped off a roof for art. It's not really a new story, but it might be NEW TO YOU!

Yeah, this is really old news, but the telling doesn't ever get stale. Keith Knight's 1997 comic leaves a bit out, perhaps at his lawyers' suggestion, or maybe because all press is good press and he didn't want to give this guy any publicity.

Anyhow to set the record straight, the incident took place in 1987, and it was at the San Francisco Art Institute. The guy's name was Chris Isner, and from what I can tell he's still making dumbass art.

Although he seems not to be as interested in performance art these days...

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