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-- Ratsnatcher

Goddamn Hippies!

by Flesh

1999-11-15 11:34:59

More and more people are leaving their cars at home, and are re-discovering the joys of biking. You would think that the back-to-nature hippies would be doing cartwheels over this. But no! Now they want the bike to be as natural as possible. They want them to be made out of wood!

So, answer me this: when you're tearing down the Continental Divide at about 70mph, which would you rather be on? A rickety, termite-ridden, wooden bike that may fall apart at any moment, sending you flying head first into oncoming traffic? Or do you want to be on a well-designed bike with a solid metal alloy frame that's strong enough to puncture a hole is Superman's chest?

The choice is yours.

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