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I'm a lazy, drunken hillbilly with a heart full of hate.
-- HST


Miles Standish

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2002-04-18 Andre the Giant Has A Posse Comitatus
2002-04-18 Click Here To Purchase More Votes At Passport.Com!
2002-04-04 He Is Smart And You Suck
2002-02-26 Internet News Sources Are Poisonous Candy
2002-02-13 Bizarro Olympic Hijiacking Arrest
2002-01-28 Harlem Globetrotters Threatened to Sue Me! Go Team!
2001-07-24 I Am Not Suggesting Katherine Graham Was Assassinated
2001-06-15 Great News for Fag-bashers!
2001-06-03 Bush Threatens Press!
2001-05-19 My Pseudojournalism Is Yellow!
2001-05-15 Ape Monster Ravages New Delhi
2000-11-09 Bush Wins By Incredible Landslide
2000-06-30 President Himself Uses Shitty Password
2000-05-05 Looking for Cardamom Ginger? Don't look here!
2000-04-14 All Stocks ON SALE!
2000-03-10 Americans ban use of the term 'menage a trois'
2000-03-10 The Fast Food Chain is Actually a French Fry Dish
2000-03-07 I shouldn't even need to tell you this
2000-03-07 Canadian Prime Minister is a Fast Food Chain
2000-02-09 Having Trouble Deciding a Meal? Some Suggestions
2000-02-08 One Day Greenwich Times Is Bastardly Queer
2000-02-08 All Good People Are Asleep And Dreaming
2000-02-08 Tobacco Industry Sues Other Tobacco Industry
2000-01-14 Duck and Cover!
2000-01-12 Real Aliens Found And They're In Space!
2000-01-10 Doom Interface
2000-01-07 Tibetan Karmapa Defects!
2000-01-07 Okay, the world actually DID end
2000-01-07 Learn how to SUE THE FUCK out of ANYONE
2000-01-07 Legal Loophole Means Legal Hallucinogens
1999-12-11 Internation Lyrics Server still kinda sucks
1999-12-03 Protesters Win; Tjames Wrong
1999-12-02 No More Knees!
1999-12-01 Fuck the Issues! Let's Tear Shit Up!
1999-11-08 Japanese Fear Science
1999-11-01 Chinese Better At Revolutionary Meditating Than We Are
1999-08-10 Enter the Seedy World of Rocket Belt Ownership
1999-08-03 Overconfident pre-Woodstock 99 Cop Ramblings
1999-07-26 Woodstock Ends In Rioting the Way Webzine99 Should Have
1999-06-26 Horrible Misogynistic Porn Poem


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2002-02-01 Good Dog? Bad Dag?
2001-08-14 I Brake For the d20-Compatible TimeCube RPG Rules!
There are two things important to me in life: The d20 Open Gaming License, and Nature's Harmonious Time Cube.
2000-05-05 Hitler Porn! Like actual nude piXXX drawn by Hitler! For real!
2000-03-10 The Christian Guide to Small Arms! Rad! Onward Christian guerillas!



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