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...she asked me point blank if I considered myself a Buddhist or a Christian. I said I was bisectual.
-- Splicer



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2008-04-09 Bride price: $2.7 million
2008-04-08 Charlton Heston is Soylent Green
2003-01-29 State of the Union? It Sucks!
2002-02-27 PIMPMASTER W!


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2011-03-07 Study finds staring at breasts is good for men's health
2005-12-15 Police whack giant snow penis
2004-01-15 I want my STV! (Saddam Music Television)
2002-10-11 Saddam Hussein's Dance Party
2002-08-22 Fur Suit Sex
2002-08-22 Panties for Christ
1999-07-09 Send these guys a picture and they alter it digitally to make the people look naked. What a cool way to make a living.




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