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The 9/16 wrench: simple in form, near universal in function, and missingfrom every goddamn toolbox I've ever owned, borrowed or stolen.
-- gomonk

Kakao Chouva

Radical Gonzo Journalist, Kakao Chouva, has been in the thick of every major news event since the Canadia Egg Throwing Crisis. Schooled in revolutionary tactics by the KGB and mentored under the great journalist, Edward R. Murrow, Kakao is more likely then not to lead an assault on a fat cat bourgeoisie land owner in the morning and then spend the afternoon reporting the attack for the major media outlets of the world. Heartless, determined and gorgeous, Kakao Chouva let's nothing stand between her and her story and anyone foolish enough to try and stop her from making or reporting the news is very likely to end up talking into the working end of her world famous combination submachine gun/video recorder.

Pigdog Journal Articles


Still Up For the Party? America's Dance Floors Are Graying
Raving over 30 doesn't have to be embarassing anymore.


The Peppermill Is Not Good For You
Paradise lounge on the strip. Expense it, bad boy!


Body and Soul, a night of fucking in San Francisco
For the benefit of Pigdog readers, I took it upon myself to explore the deep frontiers of human behavior and attend a saucy festival of the flesh. This was no ordinary fete of carnal delights, dearie.


Marked for Deletion
From the mixed up files of citizen 566-77-0776

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