Wasting somebody else's time strikes me as the height of rudeness.
-- Bill Gates


Daemon Agent
What a little bitch that Reficul is.

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2001-07-27 What do Computers and Skateboards have in Common?
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1999-01-05 Know Your Oppressor
1998-12-03 Man... or Astroman?


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2011-04-25 The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can
2011-03-05 Inhuman Eating Machine
2011-03-05 'Sexting' and other gibberish now official words
2011-03-05 Former employee accused of writing virus to target Whac-a-Mole machines
2004-02-17 "I wonder how he'd feel if we let Canada's Insulting Beaver Puppet loose on U.S. TV to yuk it up about Sept. 11."
2002-07-27 Sex Machine
God Bless Canadia and the important discoveries being made there
2001-07-27 shiggity shiggity shwa
Mario Brothers was never this good till now...
2001-07-23 A musical example of why Sqrats are bad...




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