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Pigdog: A Tradition of Laziness Craziness

We at Pigdog are proud of our past... even though itís somewhat sketchy and most of it is lost because of the shoddy nature of magnetic data storage devices.  But trust us: we have a great big history... or something.  Itís not like weíre a bunch of drunks, you know.  We have pride.  We have THREE ISSUES on paper.  Thatís more Pigdog issues than sequels of C.H.U.D., weíll have you know.  And itís the exact same amount of issues as there are Star Wars movies.  We think that says something good about us.  Pigdog: dedicated, sober folk, producing commercial product for public entertainment consumption.  Yeah.

The Archives (last updated June 5, 1997)

Days of the Warpig

An amusing jape about a boy named Gar and his kickboxing adventures, made all the more funnier because itís true!  Why would we lie to you?

Welcome to the Terrordrone

Scary fantasy by Doctor Murdock about a deadly, coffee-drinking cyborg in San Franciscoís Tenderloin District.  Based on true events, this is one story, Pigdog consumer, that you wonít want to miss.


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